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Photo Gallery

Below are samples of ESG's quality work, and their quality employees hard at work.

A picture showing the pink with black striped flags used for wetland delineations.

A 3D topographic model that displays wetlands and the proposed development that aided the regulatory agency's understanding of the impacts.

Flight path of a heron rookery delineation.

ESG can perform biological surveys.

Here is a Small Whorled Pogonia that is federally listed orchid.

Here is a state species of special concern, the Virginia Least Trillium on a mitigation site.

ESG is currently using an automated and manual rain gauge to monitor precipitation in the area of a mitigation site.

Kory Steele is performing a survey of planted vegetation in a restored wetland.

Sometimes the rigors of fieldwork require being completely covered.

ESG having an impromptu meeting with clients.

Megan Brown digging a pit to determine the hydrology in the soil.

An example of soil samples used to determine the presence of a wetland.

Note the auger on the left used to take the soil samples, the book in the middle for determining the chroma, and the dark cores of soil indicating hydric soils indicative of wetlands.

ESG's wetland scientists must use a variety of techniques to determine the presence of a wetland.


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